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Unfortunately, it's a risk that comes with pugging things. In a pug, it's free for all. When biometric alloys were going for 100k+ each, we all automatically rolled need at the end of every HM FP. Now it's hard to care.

The short term solution is to put them on ignore and take the comms. Long term? Who knows, it's a social game and jerks will be jerks. Rather that restrict rolls to AC & Mainstat, I'd almost want it to be like campaign gear, where it's a non-class specific token that drops that can be redeemed for all classes. That way you can get whatever you want. I doubt they'll do anything at all, honestly.

If I'm trying to gear out a companion, I typically use commendations before rolling on anything in a flashpoint / op because that's the same courtesy my guildies have with me. Maybe they add unmoddable companion gear that uses commendations but costs less, similar to the crafted droid parts.
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