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02.04.2013 , 03:22 PM | #2
First - FB and SC are the first real leap in difficulty.

I know there are others that have experienced this problem, I believe my guild did for a little bit. I can make a couple recommendations and perhaps some guesses towards your issue.

I doubt this is the issue but I will throw it out there - is your kiter (the one person on the ground) getting too close to the tanks? If this person gets on the tanks, then the shield can fall on anyone - if he is too close then even if it falls on the ground along the tank, it may cause an issue as the area is somewhat large.

I also recommend pushing the phase before the second DD - this is a largely used strategy and makes the fight significantly easier. The result may be that FB is at 50% when SC reaches sub 20% - you simply need to eat more DDs at this point on SC (maybe 3-4) but it should be significantly easier at this point. To do this you will need one ranged on SC and your healer can eat the other DD ... which brings me to my next suggestion.

I think you should have the healer who is kiting be from the FB side, not the SC side. Generally the SC side takes more damage (from DD) so this should be helpful anyway.

Anyway, I think there are probably more people who have experienced and fixed this bug firsthand, but hope this helps.