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Let me explain something. I've been PvPing for several months now. I utterly hate it. It's the most abysmal PvP in any game ever. But it's necessary to get halfway decent looking gear. I have a Battlemaster ranked Assassin, Gladiator ranked Juggernaut and Skirmirsher ranked Guardian. I don't proclaim to be an expert but I do know enough to know what the buffs and abilities are. This is neither. It. It's usually one, maybe two people in a match and it's not every match but it is quite a few of them. It's not a sudden burst of acceleration, it's 2-3x out of combat sprint speed. Roughly equivalent to Force Speed for the duration of the match. Basically I think this is a cheat/hack whatever they're called but wanted to see if others have seen this behaviour and if so, confirm it before I report it.
record it. report it. posting vague things on the forums will not get you very far.
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