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Hey, I'm from awesome casual raiding guild, and right now our progression ends on Zron and Toth HM. On SC & FB encounter we seem to have some kind of problem which prevents us from killing them. I will try to describe it and hope someone can explain it to me and tell how we can avoid it happening.

We are following a strategy studied by our leader, I don't have link to the exact guide but here is what happens:

Encounter begins. Everyone except one healer gets on top of the bosses (2 DPS and a healer on FB and 2 DPS on SC). The healer running around on the ground takes care of all the attacks leading to the ground, cleanses himself of the yellow circle, and seems to survive just well. Double Destruction happens without any unexpected trouble.
Incinerate Armor hits, tanks switch correctly. Strange thing happening soon. No aggro issues, when SC starts to cast second Double Destruction. As the SC tank moves to put the debuff on the DPS guys, a Defensive Systems Activate is yelled and a lightning dome falls on the group, resulting with death of usually both DPS. Then shield phase begins correctly but we don't really care because we already know it's a wipe.
If it doesn't happen at the first defensive systems, then we easily follow through advancing stages until we hit that part again and then the dome falls on the DPS guys.

Every time we pray that the dome doesn't hit them, but we can't possibly win that battle by prayers.

How do we ensure that the lightning dome does not fall on the tank and the DPS while sharing Double Destruction debuff? Let me point out again that it is not shield phase yet, so the domes should be falling after the guy who is on the ground. The dome falls exactly at the moment when they yell out "Defensive systems activate!" so there is no real warning, it just happens.

Thanks for any input. Let me note that we are geared properly, everyone at least rakata, most of us grade 61 and I think we are good enough in our roles, unless FB & SC are huge leap above all previous content.