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Do you have a video of this happening?

If what you're saying is literally true then that'd only be explainable by cheating as I'm sure you know. However, much more mundane speeding is possible - if a Combat Sentinel has 30 Centring accumulated they can cast Transcendence followed by another Transcendence immediately after that ran out (if Valorous Call is available). Two Combat Sentinels could obviously pull the same thing off again, which would be more than enough time to run the entire length of the arena in Huttball at higher speed. Of course, they wouldn't be able to pull that off again for some time, and certainly can't sustain it for 14 minutes.
Let me explain something. I've been PvPing for several months now. I utterly hate it. It's the most abysmal PvP in any game ever. But it's necessary to get halfway decent looking gear. I have a Battlemaster ranked Assassin, Gladiator ranked Juggernaut and Skirmirsher ranked Guardian. I don't proclaim to be an expert but I do know enough to know what the buffs and abilities are. This is neither. It. It's usually one, maybe two people in a match and it's not every match but it is quite a few of them. It's not a sudden burst of acceleration, it's 2-3x out of combat sprint speed. Roughly equivalent to Force Speed for the duration of the match. Basically I think this is a cheat/hack whatever they're called but wanted to see if others have seen this behaviour and if so, confirm it before I report it.