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Seriously, when you have HK they all become less seen/used companions now. Actually, on my Mara I switch between Vette and Malavai. With vette, fights go so much quicker. I only use Malavai for hard boss encounters. Jaesa never gets used unless I'm doing UT missions with Vette and need DPS. Broonmark and Pierce never get used.

My Shadow, it's Iresso and Qyzen who never get used. If I need DPS I pull out Nadia or HK and Theran for heals.

On my Sorc I use Andronikos and Asharra evenly for DPS but Asharra probably more so. My healer gets no love (I heal) and my tank comes out for Heroics.

Smuggler - Corso gets NO LOVE lol. Not that I don't like him, but Bowdaar is more effective. Now that I have HK it's either HK, Tuno or Bowdaar. Risha and Akaavi on occasion.

Just got Rusk and Scourge on my Knight but on my other Knight Doc is the go to guy. Kira doesn't even get love lol

Agree on Doc. I used Kira up to the point I got Doc, but as a tank I need those heals. It doesn't help HK comes with 50 gear that is unusable until you hit 50, otherwise I'd probably use him more than I do. He definitely has the best lines
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