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player 'skill"
Don't be a ****.

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There are a number of abilities that increase speed:

If a player is out of combat they get the natural "run" boost if it is toggled on.
The maps all have a "speed boost" that a player can pick up that dramatically increases their speed for a time.
Some classes have a group buff that increases everyone's speed for a time.
Some classes have a "run" ability that increase their speed for a time (with a short cooldown ... like 15 secs)
Some classes can "run" forever by going into stealth, then coming out and using a burst boost.

We would need specifics to see what you are referring to. Post a video.
With respect, as much as I appreciate your misguided attempt to educate me, you just did not read my post. Take Hutball, for example.14 minutes long. Players come out at 3x your speed, flying around the arena. They die. They come out again at 3x your speed. You can't catch them. They do this for the full 14 minutes without break.