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Quote: Originally Posted by UGLYMRJ View Post
Is this a fancy way to say that you uninstalled the game?

I can't remember the last war zone I played without both or either of those specs.
1. LOL I can count on you ever couple of days for one of those gems.
2. to the op's point, I can deal with the smashers. getting mashed by out of control dps or being focus fired is nothing new. but the stun bubbles on everyone...the only reason I'd stay in that reg is if i haven't finished the daily yet. it's just not fun. it's the least fun thing about this entire game. there are already excessive stuns, but the bubbles on *everyone* just sap the fun factor right out of the game. tbh, a lot of the sages on my server seem to think it's a crap spec too. but you kinda need one in rated...or play the gentleman's agreement.

anyway...nothing new here.
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