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02.04.2013 , 02:07 PM | #1
So I've recently returned to Star Wars and have been leveling a Marauder. While I firmly believe that losing a roll in a flashpoint over gear isn't something to be upset about, I feel like something needs to be done.

Once you hit the high 40's, you start seeing some great pre-Ops gear dropping in Directive 7 and above. I've lost 3 pieces alone today to willpower light armour users. When the gear is endgame pieces, it stings a bit to see the Inquisitor Assassin ninja your stuff and leave.

Does Bioware plan to implement a system when you can only roll for pieces that you can ACTUALLY use? Because frankly I'm getting sick of the morons who either don't know and just loot everything at low levels, or the douchebags at higher flashpoints that feel the need to take stuff from people that can actually use it.

TL;DR - Perhaps it's time we restrict items based on stats and armour type so stupid people stop ruining our game.