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So, correct me if I'm wrong, but what you're suggesting is that the level of talent on our server is relatively low right? Because based on your comment you're stating that I'm not very good on my Guardian, especially if I'm not on par with a DPS Guardian that doesn't taunt or feel that it's 100% necessary for a DPS Guardian to taunt.
Yes, Iím going to correct you. You being a mediocre guardian has little to do with the quality of the server. Please reread my initial post where it has NO mention of anything related to the quality of PVP on the server. My opinion of the server / everyone has not been expressed whatsoever and is irrelevant. Arashís skill level on his guardian is irrelevant to this conversation beyond that people who live in glass houses shouldnít throw stones.

Also, once again, I may not be understanding you because I'm so incapable of listening; but, I'm not sure I've ever been absolutely obliterated in any venue of PvP this server has hosted and it seems that you're suggesting I'm pretty fail thus meaning that the majority of our server should just S T F U and stop providing critiques for others on our server. Actually, Zake. I've DPS'd, Tanked, Guarded Nodes, and everything else you could possibly ask of someone in PvP as a Guardian/Juggernaut. But hey, I guess all the screen shots and testimony from other players doesn't have any room to judge either eh? Or am I missing something in your post?
As for your testimony, youíre not listed in any of the PVP records for protection or anything tank related. Iím not aware of any screen shots, though I am aware of this one:

As well as my experiences in rated... I have never lost to you in a rated game whether it was with Hex or Game Genie.

I will repeat that once again I said nothing to the quality of the server, so therefore I am not telling the majority of our server to just shut up.

Oh, and Zake... You're welcome to reply to this, but I look forward to addressing your opinion in person the next time I'm so lucky as to be graced with your presence in voice chat or in game.
You act like this is supposed to scare me or something, LOL.

Btw, Zake. I think you owe Reckoner an apology. Calling/Comparing someone [to] a monkey just isn't nice. /sigh
I had other choice words, but I figured they would get moderated. To be precise, I compared his typing to a monkey, not his entire being. I think it is fair to say that Reckonerís typing leaves something to be desired when it comes to reading comprehension.
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