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So I have on Imp side a Marauder, Assassin, and Agent, and a Guardian on the rep side.

For Marauder, my least used is definitely;y Broonmark- just not impressed much by him and not really a good companion compatibility-wise. My fave is Jaesa and HK-51, Quinn for his healing.

For assassin, least-used are Khem Val (useless after 50 IMO) and Ashara.

No comment on the Imp agent as I still only have Kaliyo.

For the Jedi Guardian, tie between T7-01 and Rusk. T7-01 doesn't cut it as I don't need another tank. Rusk absolutely has the worst personality of any companion I've ever seen. He does good damage but is thoroughly unlikeable. Scourge is cool, but I do not need another tank.
What's the saddest thing you'vv ever seen in SWTOR?