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02.04.2013 , 01:20 PM | #20
Awesome congrats. Thanks for posts.
We tried him at 5 stacks this week with a 24 man OP. The Harbinger server.
(time and day intentionally undisclosed ) lol
Thanks again to everyone who showed up participated.
2 tanks then we added a backup tank.
Not enough healers I think. we only brought like 4 max.
Need to cleanse more I think? Is this true and how do you deal with it?
Got him down into the 60's a couple times , We couldn't break 50% to see the reflective shield buff. 'Shriek" ? (yet) grrr
Once we'd loose a tank it was game over pretty quick.
We tried using smuggler shields also the big one for the raid and hide healers behind individual smugglers.
It seemed to help, not sure.
With all the DPS we burned him down pretty fast., but now need to figure out how to stay alive. lol
Epic looking attempt though, learned quite a bit for first try at 5 stacks. (didnt know he could go above 5 stacks)
May make some adjustments more research and try again.
Oh yeh other issue to consider is video lag with 24 players etc lower vid settings definetly helped some people.
Key binds vs mouse click helps probably.
Also we had tanks in masks and a few others but agree it didnt seem to help?
Never saw "Dread Touch" attack or buff but thats uncertain. Has anyone seen it? Will check log maybe.
Anyone think it helps?
Maybe next time I'll rip and move my 63 pieces over to the mask for this fight, just in case
Bummer theres no extra dread drops or something.
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