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I was about to reply to this, as it sounds horrible, but then I saw that you said they have actually sorted this now, cool. Yay for not just reading the first page. But it does worry me that you say you reported 6 times and that they did not do anything, I've had a similar experience where they seem to largely ignore tickets and just pin automatic responses on them to try make it seem like they are doing something when they are actually not. On the UK&EU RP server, The Progenitor, there is literally someone running around with the name "Dafuuq" for example. The Secret World's customer support is absolutely amazing in comparison, they actually take the time to message you in game and talk to you when they get around to your turn in the queue, and will actually hold a conversation. In SWTOR, even though tickets are only able to be made by subscribers, they STILL take days to reply, and then it's just a pre-written robot response, even if you asked specific questions, they will not answer. Just robot. The difference is certainly a culture shock, and EA should seriously reconsider the very 90s way they seem to handle customer support if they want to remain competitive...

The fact that they did not do anything until you made this thread is especially worrying, because earlier on in the game when the moderators seemed a little less professional than they are now, I remember threads getting memory hole'd that asked about customer support issues, and I believe it might still be technically against the rules even. Yet if their own support is largely incompetent, what are people to do? It's almost like they want to encourage people to unsubscribe, it's completely stupid.

By the way, there's a nice little thread for people with disabilities here if you are interested.
Just read this as well. Yes, I am guilty of the 1st page ready only offence. However I am glad it got worked out. If that was the case. Also thank you, SalinaK for the disibilities link.
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