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My son is Autistic. High functioning. 8 years old and plays SWTOR with myself, my wife, both of us or on his own. I am not going to get into a huge debate about this. What I get from this is that someone took offence of a character name and reported it. It should not be taken lightly. What I understand of the OP is he is one, making the community here aware of it. Second, venting his frustration with both the character name(players choice of) and basicly being ignored by BW (or at least feels he is being ignored). Thirdly, maybe he is advicating here and asking us to take into concideration reporting it as well in hopes that BW does something about it. I can see the OP's point and can empathize his frustration. BTW I did not read past the first page LOL I took from it and posted. I do hope his frustration disapates however. Either from ignoring the character and moving on to enjoy the game or by BW doing something about it.
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