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I played a light side Inquisitor, a long time ago, and it was actually a lot of fun. Playing your character 'against the grain' so to speak tends to bring out a lot more interesting dynamic. Your character is Sith because that is the society they were born into: Those who are Force-sensitive in the empire MUST undergo Sith training, though many are doomed to die out of the gate. As an Inquisitor, the deck is further stacked as you are part of a 'trash class' of aliens and slaves assigned to a substandard Overseer who basically sees you as a vehicle for making his pet pureblood look good.

However, when you play a Light Side Inquisitor, you see a seriously ugly side of the Jedi. They lie, manipulate people, refuse to listen and act with an almost fanatical dogma, showing just how polarized the two factions are. While Republic citizens and troopers will often act with pragmatism, and even grudgingly acknowledge when you are noble or honorable, the Jedi will attack without question, and no amount of reason or negotiating will sway them from the stance that Sith Must Die.

No spoilers, but there's one plotline on Alderaan that, if you play it fully light side does NOT show the Jedi in a favorable light at all. And on Taris you can flat out ASK them for a chance to come over to the 'light' and they will revert to rule #1 (Sith Must Die) and attack you.

Also, there was one bit at the very end that I found quite satisfying for a Light Side Inquisitor... and you got the full Jedi version of the Power Of The Force playing as it played out.