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I'm sorry but if what Aurbere is saying is correct (which i have no doubt as he is very good at lore and such) then he should have noticed one of the terms of the Kaggath.
"Technology level is universal (unless considered archaic or advanced at the time): blaster fire, armouring, lightsabers etc. are all the same regardless of period, all that matters is size, quantity and power."
So from Aurbere's argument we can see that some of Revans fleet are archaic (Being around since Naga Sadow's time) and so their inferior tech does not matter. All that matters is the fact Revan has them at his disposal. Just wanted to clarify that. Not that anyone really cares but for me i go with Revan. (Not a fanboy!)
Your right, however...that doesn't change the armament, it doesn't change their hyperdrives or their speed. Which Xizor's ships still outclass Revan's ships. Even equalized those Derriphan ships are still piss poor, cause their autoblasters are not accurate.
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