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02.04.2013 , 11:00 AM | #1
I recently started using Raver's Game Booster. (You can check it out HERE) and I am having a few problems with software of this nature. The first is that the game booster allows you to open the game through the software, and the other 20 games I've used work fine with this software, but SWTOR doesn't open at all with the software. Now this is not a huge deal, due to the fact that I can start the game and then go into Game Mode with little to no problems.
The second problem is this though, Razer's Game Booster allows to ability to capture gameplay videos. Again this works with other MMORPGs, single player games, etc;; however, with SWTOR trying to activate the vid capture crashes the game.
Now I'm wondering if SWTOR is see this software as a "third party peripheral" and closing the game due to this, or is there another problem happening in the background? Anyone have any insight on this?