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I have a Sith (Inquisitor) Sorceror with the companion Khem Val. Yesteday I did the side mission "Sports Hunting" and noticed that when you chose the Dark side option you took a -30 hit for Khem Val's affection so I repeated the quest and found a sequence that canceled out this loss by follow these answers...

Speak to Weng Wrightsyn. Calm Down! How Interesting… (+15)

Speak to Renegin. In a hurry to leave? Pretty strange job. This is an odd turn of events. No. (+15) Stop begging–I’ll do it. I’ll kill your accuser (-30).

Tag Weng Wrightsyn and return to Renegin for reward.

This should equate to a +15 + 15 - 30 = 0. However when I got the mission summary screen, my overall affection for Khem Val was -30 and accepting the reward did reduce my affection from 115 to 85. Is this a bug or do you only get the most recent affection when completing a mission?