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No story? Really? I guess the whole riot in the streets, the Governor's propaganda messages, and the compromised missile batteries are just... what? Give me a break. There's story. Maybe you don't like a revolutionary story? Either way, there's story, deal with it.

As far as itemization goes, who cares? It's a leveling instance. You won't keep the gear/mods for long.

People will complain about anything these days.
If you think a few sentences equates a story than you haven't read anything beyond childrens books and even that is stretching it.

The story was so basic, and so bare... it was pathetic. Quality story, like in Esseles is what we wanted. They can do it.

They had minimal atmosphere, that's what you really mean by "it having story".


Did no one do the horribly unrealistic (don't give me the "it's a game or it's Star Wars response, because that has realism as it defines itself in its lore and story) final boss with flames everywhere?

OR the glitched areas that were constantly killing people with the fire?

I'm sorry, but that thing was utter crap, and the actual drops for the Guardian were so ugly to look at I just deleted it after stripping the mods. Sorry, but I can't see how anyone could like that piece of crap compared to things like Esseles.