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Quote: Originally Posted by Krazy_Karl View Post
Rolls != Roles

Next time before you attempt to insult someone's intelligence, you should make sure you aren't making any basic grammatical errors.

Secondly, assuming you did actually do it properly: good for you on clearing the easiest fight in the instance on the night of release without exploiting and abusing broken mechanics from Bioware's wonderful development team. But based on the quote from your member, you have been exploiting twice a week since the release of 1.6 so are we to just take your word?

I am really impressed by your guild and its skill. /sarcasm

The only reason to exploit as your guild is doing week after week is if you cannot consistently execute the fight and ALL of it's mechanics. And how long have you been working on NiM Kephess now? AFAIK there is not an abuse of mechanics that has been found yet to cheese your way to victory on that fight, but I am sure once you find it you'll still be the 20th best guild on the server.

Please do not cheese your PvE battles, you may upset the NPC Boss. (And, apparently, Krazy Karl).
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