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Sorry this just looks like qq to me. Yes sorcs/sages (no matter what spec or hybrid) would appreciate more defensive help in PvP in that we need a way to reduce of damage taken. IMO our shields are the best in the game and a well geared sorc wont have it drop so quick to a Shadowstrike, hybrid or not. I do think our new healing we got should be boosted to hit as high our Dark infusions regularly. That i think we can agree would help in general and (not that mny do this) but it be better than running away and usingyour cast heals. Also a slight boost to parasitism (for madness specs) would better survivability with a boosted self heal.

Now if you are complaining of your casttime for Lightning and think it should get decreased let me give you a tissue to your issue. Buy full tionese (and this is for lightning), put all your PvP modes in their and add a regular WH armoring that does give the set bonus to the tionese. In this you can get the bonus that lower your force cost of FL and LS and the crits from Affliction give the 4-set to increase your alacrity making your cast-times faster. If you are a hybrid you can do this or just use the 2-set bonus of both pvp and pve.

All anyone had to do is look and you can solve your problems. We dont need a dmg increase cause all dps specs can still do crazy damage in pvp
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