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02.04.2013 , 08:51 AM | #1
Ok i wanna hear the reasoning why leap counters grapple in progress but NEVER the other way around:
1) game after game in huttball i grapple ppl but all the leapers can in mid air leap to some1 or even me(and being a guadian/jug with unremitting/unstoppable means i can t CC him when he lands)
2) If a guy is in mid air about to reach his target(during a leap) my grapple does nothing and i just wasted it! i can t pull him while their in progress of a leap mid air how is that balanced! esp since grapple is a 45 sec CD(35 specced) vs leap 15 sec CD(12 spec)

EIther let them both counter each other or don`t for both don`t favor 1 esp the 1 with a 2/3 less seconds before u can reuse