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02.04.2013 , 08:45 AM | #1
Recently we have ran EV both in SM and HM and during phase three Soa has been glitching.
our tanks claim to be unable to see the pylons. other members of the raid confirm this. but it doesn't affect the entire raid. I have been able to see them as a dps when the tanks and healers couldn't see them.

When this hits, after a few pylons drop, hit or miss soa will vanish and the fight will reset but we will all still be down on the floor alive.

the two levels above us will be in place.

We have to exit area and come back in and start the fight over. it's done it a couple of times in a row.

We have also killed soa once and gotten no loot beam, and the body immediately despawned.

anyone else gotten these lately?
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