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Had one last match before having to go to work, finally found starmarc! Too bad you had multiple healers and I had a baddie team (cept for you cadence <3), but not bad for my 8 deaths
dammit i was hoping this thread would die... lol (hopefully it will after this)

anyway, glad to have finally seen u on the battlefield!!! i'm sure some of your damage points was attributed to you pounding on me while I was getting healed lol, nothing like a human pinata..haha..

actually good thing we had a couple of healers cause i was getting focused MORE than 2 of our own healers.. feels nice to be on a team with multiple healers instead of playing against them lol.

i think its safe to say i'm not the same player I was when I lost THREE STRAIGHT TIMES to the level 44 version of you... i'm sure next time we see each other in a wz, our roles will be reversed and I'll have zero healers...

have a good one. peace.
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