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Victor: Darth Traya

Second Place: Prince Xizor

Prince Xizor: 39

Darth Traya: 49

Exar Kun: 28

May I turn your attention to Bonus Round: Darth Revan vs Prince Xizor which will determine who takes 3rd place.

Thanks for debating! That is all.
Here are the results, as you can see the reason I could call it without attempting a tally was because it wasn't actually that close. If you're still confused I'd ask you to look over the thread again, you'll find that few attempts were successfully made to counter arguments against Traya, and I did raise the question on multiple occasions of what would happen between Traya and Xizor, specifically if Xizor believed Traya to be dead. No arguments were forthcoming. Admittedly I should have raised it again, that was a mistake on my part (there goes my streak of happy Kaggath endings. )

Concerning the debate, yes Revan is outclassed (although not by that much considering Interdictors were compared to Victory-class Star Destroyers and the Centurion was one of the most powerful vessels of its time) but he is not outnumbered. Unlike Xizor, he can has a vast fleet ready and waiting, while Xizor has to procure one.