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Our super casual guild cleared EC HM for the first time this week after a looooong series of wipes on Kephess. We had the Kephess encounter till Gift of the Masters cast down pat within the first hour, but the last 60% of Kephess's health proved quite challenging . I had a few queries on the mechanics/tactics involved:

1> Is there a way to find out which boss attacks are melee / ranged or which are AOE ? Torhead turns up nothing. My guess is Tothís smash / Kephessís Gift of the Master are AOE, but Zornís baradium toss is not (though everyone within 25m of Zorn takes damage). Basically, should we spec for AOE damage reduction talents or not?

2> Similarly, is the railshot from the 2 giant Kephess droids ranged or tech? I used pacify on them, not sure if it helps or not .

3> We used the strategy of gunslingers popping entrench and shield at 61% of Kephessís health and the healers hiding. Kephess pulled us in at exactly 59% health. I used transcendence at 60%, our tanks and melee dps popped resilience / force speed and force camo and ran out. The problem was that the tank tanking Kephess almost dies in the 5 Ė 6 seconds between 61% to 59%, since he is getting no heals. He survives, but with barely 5% - 10% of his health left. For the groups that use this strategy, and I have read strategies that recommend hiding at 62%, how do you manage this cleanly?

4> I am not clear on the difference between Kephess's knockback and this Breath cast. Knockback applies the Touch, causing the tank to turn black and start dropping circles, so why cast the Breath ? Seems redundant .

5> And finally, does damage reduction stack? So if I take the sentinel talent defensive roll, plus pop both camo and rebuke during Gift of the Masters, I should take 0.7 * 0.5 * 0.8 = 0.28 of the damage from the Gift AOE.

A couple of things we observed: If we failed to kill the 2nd bomber in time in time and he explodes, we donít get another bomber in that phase. The 2 giant droids spawn and itís an almost certain wipe. Not sure if this is a bug or not. Also, a couple of times while killing the 3rd bomber, Kephess decided to put up his red circle on top of the bomber, which again wiped the raid since we werenít able to move the bomber away fast enough, leading to him exploding and putting too much strain on our already stretched healers. We noticed a significant delay between Kephessís jump and the red circle showing up. If the red circle appeared immediately, we would have more time move the bomber away. Not complaining about it too much since this was a rare occurrence, but this introduces an unnecessary RNG element into an already long and tough fight.

Thanks for your help.