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02.04.2013 , 07:21 AM | #8
Veng dps has huge potential in pve. On most fights if you handle yourself well you will be able to out dps any class. Jugg tanks do not make the best tanks in the game, assassins do. But they have a more complex rotation and therefore there are fewer decent sin tanks. Jugg tanks are great, and agro isn't an issue if you don't mess up your rotation right off the bat. With the way taunts work in this game, threat is a non-issue as the fight progresses anyways.

My advice is simply to play whatever you find the most fun. Vengeance can be hugely rewarding if you put the time into learning it and optimizing your gear, so if you want to dps don't let public opinion on jugg dps sway you. Most of us just suck. >,<