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Click on the guide in my signature for class specific information. You should NEVER augment for Shield, only Absorb/Defense.

For the first boss I've generally only died if the DPS don't kill the adds and they nuke me at the same time as the boss. I try to kill them myself immediately when I'm not in guild groups now.
Doesn't shield rating also increase the amount absorbed? Well still valuable advice. I went with shield before reading anything because I happened to pick it up on a random mob in a FP. But I guess I'll go for absorb/defence augments instead.

I saw a healing relic flash by a few days ago which to my knowledge didn't seem useful. As I looked around it apparently is useful (according to your tutorial and others on this forum). So I guess I'll also go for that. Sorry if this threat becomes a more Shadow-class related topic thing lol.

@ Kabolt. That guide/link seems useful, I'll use that information. Thanks!
Also, now that you've mentioned Force Cloak, I don't use this ability at all because the boss might insta-kill a party member or so. Well, at least that was my initial thought. I assumed a Shadow Tank should just take/absorb damage and make sure he keeps aggro and only let another tank grab threat in Ops (with exception of bosses who cannot be taunted ofcourse). Maybe I should use it in oh-**** situations like that.

@ Vankris. It might've been the dps moving only a bit late on the yellow circles. I'm pretty aware of the environment I"m tanking in. On the droid, and it happened only ONCE, incinerate got interrupted but the droid managed to kill me because I didn't receive any heals. Next run (pug, different group) went almost perfect so yeah.

@schnopsnosn. Was that in a PUG or guild run? It's exactly what I meant.

@Eternalnight. Can it be buggy at times? I did notice that at occassions the ground like, erupts, but no yellow circle appears. I assumed nothing happens and I keep standing there, watching till a yellow circle actually appears. Anyway I'll take your advice on the keep moving thing, thanks!

@mikebevo. I'm actually (willing to) try(ing) out every class in-game (but I do have a life!!!). I did the same in WoW during the Wotlk days, just so I know what every class and tree is capable of. I have a combat medic commando already. However, I seem to be teamed up with sages more. The last idk how many runs were with sages as healers. Runs with smugglers as healers and commandos went more smoothly or just smooth than with Sages.

I'll take everyone's advice in mind and I'll go over the tuts and the Shadow tanking primes a couple more times. I did get recruited into a guild during a LI run but I don't want to sound arrogant as to how I got in there :P. Thanks everyone for the helpful advice!