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02.04.2013 , 03:32 AM | #1
Well firstly it is with great anticipation that a majority and myself of Dalborra look forward to joining our 3 community’s into one.

I wanted to create this thread to learn about those coming to join us upon Dalborra and discuss any questions between our communities.

As our server merge still comes with no ETA, I take this time to read over the forums of both Gav Daragon and Master Dar'Nala in order to learn of those we will soon come to share a server with; I suggest you read over our forums to learn about our server.

We have run a lot of events on Dalborra, as have all our servers and also worked to encourage a strong and vibrant community which has been the strongest point I believe to keeping the Dalborra server with high population. While the forums might be covered lightly in trolls and those who find enjoyment in bringing things down to their level the majority remain silent on the forums and work within game to encourage the strong community and participate in the events.

As a predominate PvP’er I would also like to encourage those who choose to stay Imperial to look up our Guild being Seraphic Nexus as a possible new home or for those importing their Guild I really look forward too if not die slowly for the day the imperial faction will receive reinforcement of competent PvPers as our FTP population has just hit 50 the Factions have found a decent imbalance at present time.