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Well, I don't have a problem with people doing PvP in the middle of PvE attempts (as it is PvP server), it would have just been nice to get the kill. Just means that it will take quite a lot of time to get any progress on Dreadtooth on this server, that is all...

Oh well, it surely is easily doable. We were getting to 45% without any problems at all (from Dreadtooth's side that is), even though like 6 Republicans managed to keep spamming aoe attacks, pulling players out finishing them off, etc. - which is already kind of sad, that it took so long to take down our group (considering Dreadtooth's stomp attack getting everyone down below 50% hp). Maybe you guys from MVP and Outbreak should practice a bit more...

But speaking of the difficulty of this fight, it only comes down to correct timing on the pulse aoe attacks starting around 50% hp. If the aoe healing is timed well at those moments then the group is able to surive that without doubts. Of course you will still need to make sure that you get 24 people that are neither brain afk nor have too much lag to manage avoiding all the red circles on the ground, but that should not be worth a discussion.

As result of the previous attempts we will have to arrange another operation to kill him. Any Empire PvE guild - preferrable with BiS geared players - that would like to join us please contact me in game or over our forums, as further organisitions will require a secret appointment. We can put up half of the group ourselves, but we would still be glad for about 5-6 Healers and about 6 Damage Deaelers. In that matter (and especially for the Healer part) I would also be glad if single players contact me to get things organized.
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