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Your stats are not too bad, with a strong group you will do better.

I don't want to get caught up in a stats for stats talk, but I'll just say this, your stats are progressing towards mine.
There are two schools of thought with regards to tanking, I will not say one is correct and the other wrong because it depends on the tank.

if you read this it will explain much better than I can;

Tier 2 - mostly or full Rakata - but augmented Columi is close enough.

I think the most important part of that fight is, that the DPS take out the adds asap, and that you move out of the circles before or as they appear, I watch the ground it turns dark at the start.

Try starting your fight with - Slow time > mind control > force breach > project, along with as you see fit, Saber strike and double strike, with kinetic throw every three stacks - whirling blow does not use any force so use it when low on force.

Personally I tend to just, spam force patency, kinetic ward and resilience.

Your impaired movement de-buffs are project, force speed and force of will.
There is a chance project will reset the slow time and force breach timers.

Your get me out of jail free cards are; deflection, battle readiness and force cloak.
Remember force cloak takes you out of combat, you can pop a second med pack or revive a dead medic.

I move him 90 deg away from the group, don't let any DPS or Healers stand in front of him.

Have fun, join a guild if you haven't and give it time.