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Sounds good, thanks! I've just been comparing my stats to some of the videos, and my mods are way off
Since I can see that you're looking for advice in a civil manner, I'll offer up some things that have helped me along the way.

Benchmarks to aim for...

25% crit unbuffed. With the operative buff and first tier madness talent this will leave you with 39% crit buffed. Anything more is overkill and stats wasted where they could otherwise be useful.

75% crit multiplier/surge. That's the cap and DR kicks in pretty hard afterwards.

96.9% accuracy. Same philosophy as excessive crit.

The rest allocated in power. You can achieve this more easily at the WH gear level by ripping the mods and enhancements from the force master boots. At EWH gear level work on obtaining your weapon, offhand, belt, bracers, and relics first. They're the most significant upgrades at that gear level. All other min/maxing after that point is give or take and can be tailored to personal preference.

Good luck and have fun.