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[QUOTE=Monoth;5809294]I remember a time when you could look at a persons gear and get a rough idea of how good they were... Not anymore..


i understand what you are saying and agree with you. however wow and wow clone players will not fully understand what you just said. in the more challenging mmos where end game gear wasn't easily crafted or even crafted. raid instances not nerfed after a few weeks. no story modes where fights can be learned. no walkthroughs posted in the forums before the new instances were released and even then not months afterwards. your statement carried more weight and is true.

however, today's wow and wow clone mmos changed all of that as such mmo players will cling to thinking "if i have the gear i am good" mentality. it is true in these other mmos you could pay for runs too but that is only just before a new level cap or expansion is being released making such gear obsolete. still everyone knew you did it too. in those games gear was a badge of excellence which you carried proudly and was enough ego satisfaction in itself. players on the server knew who the top guilds are without any world first or server first in game rankings.

the op has a valid point. the mechanic of crafting such gear as it is today needs some modifications or perhaps just have a vendor in fleet where you can pay 20 million credits or what ever and get a full set. essentially that is what you are doing and the only people hurt by doing such will be high end ops guild crafters. not the average ones. but we all know this will never happen as the wow clone mold of stupid easy obtainable gear and content for everyone is what the average to poor players want. these far out number the rest as most of those have left the game. as long as this mechanic is not currently sinking the financial boat it wont change. i just keep telling myself to embrace the game for what it is and stop dreaming of such changes. it just wont happen.