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Why is it that every time someone makes one of these suggestion threads, the suggestions are always unrealistically numerous and overpowered? I mean, a 5 percent damage buff across the board (one of your suggestions) combined with a slight survivability buff would be enough to make Sorcs viable in ranked. And you make a dozen other suggestions. Some of these aren't bad, but if you implemented more than one or two of them, Sorcs would become so OP that it would be ridiculous. Just make us viable.
Lets face it, in PVP, DPS sorcs need a LOT of help (not taking into consideration the broken bubble hybrid) and healing sorcs are still super squishy if they have no guard. (and also not bubble hybrid spec). If bioware continues to look at its metrics, then as a class we are screwed due to people multi-dot padding. If they'd start looking just at how much of that damage is affliction, maybe a lightbulb would go off, but alas... This is Bioware and their development team continually proves to not have a clue about how to balance the classes. (Rob's interview proved that with him saying that all classes are "near balanced" in pvp. It's a joke.)

I agree we need to be made viable but I also think our class needs an overhaul for that to happen.

5% damage increase for sorcs across the board doesn't amount to much given how hard (and I mean weak) our abilities actually hit for right now. (nowhere near any other DPS in the game and easily the lowest). The class does need better defensive abilities other than Bubble which only eats one GCD/attack from any DPS in the game (because that's how weak it is). We are still a light armor class no matter how you look at it with escapes that are easily countered by any 2 second snare and nearly every class has one.

If we are supposed to be playing a Support Role and our DPS is supposed to suffer, then we should have the defensive CD's to provide that Support to our team. (Which will then ruin Sorc DPS even more in the PVE environment, but that's another topic) Right now, bubble hybrid is our only support role because it's broken as all hell and the blind doesn't give as much resolve as it should. When they nerf it (and you know it'll be coming soon), Sorcs will find themselves back to being focus fired and dying much faster then they currently are. OR you will find wz/rwz with very few sorcs in them, just like you did from 1.2 to pre bubble hybrid patch.

It's really not that sorcs are a bad class (I still love playing mine), it's just that they need severe adjustments // boosts to bring them on par with everyone else.