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This is Revan's Navy?....Wow....ya his navy is kinda...well anyway lets go through each of em.

Centurion-Class battlecruisers

6 medium turbolasers

6 heavy ion cannons

6 light point defense laser cannons

Proton Torpedo launchers(lets just say 2)

This ship realistically, is the only ship that could last and even then thats a stretch.

Interdictor-class cruiser

6 medium turbolasers

6 point defense laser batteries

Derriphan battleships...ya we already went through these, POS.

Sith Fighters

Max Speed(atmosphere)= 1,250 km/h

Hull= Minimum Integrity

Armament: 2 laser cannons

Ok now lets look at what Xizor can bring to the table.

Venator class Star Destroyer

Armament: 8 heavy dual DVY-827 tubolaser cannons, 2 medium dual turbolaser cannons, an unknown number of turbolasers(could be a modification in which Xizor would more then likely do.) 52 point defense laser cannons, 4 heavy proton torpedo tubes, 14 torpedos each.

Alpha-3 Nimbus-class starfighter

Max acceleration: 4,000 G

Max speed(atmosphere): 1,050 to 52,000 km/h(with deflector shields on)

Armament: 2 twin laser cannons, some were also equipped with flak guns and proton bombs.

Ya....Revan is seriously outclassed fleet wise here, was also gonna throw in the Mon Calamari ships and whatever else Xizor has but...nah.
Now you know why I voted Grievous.

Seriously, Revan's navy is clearly outclassed. His capital ships are outclassed by any equivalent ships Xizor can bring in.
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