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02.03.2013 , 07:53 PM | #5
Then how come I was able to survive the first 3 times I came around there?

I do avoid the yellow markers myself. And I have tanking experience from other MMO's, I'm just a new fifty on this character with the gear.

My stats are the following at the moment from the top of my head (I'm on an alt):

22,5k HP
5758 armor rating
38% dmg reduction
22% def chance
35.07% shield chance (55% with Kinetic Ward)
48.21% shield absorbtion

The above is with all class buffs.

On a side note: I never had to taunt as of yet, threat generation is no problem. I won't fully blame anyone. I'm questioning as to how I possibly could not survive anything or if I'm doing anything wrong. Actually it's me who's getting blamed for dying.

And yes I do receive that much damage if I'm hit.

EDIT: I've adjusted my gear list since I switched out 1 rakata relic for a war hero relic, also doubting if it's the right one (shrouded crusader). I actually looked around the forums more before I read all your posts in this topic. And isn't Lost Island MEANT for people with at least full columi (rating 136)?

And yeah, my bad for naming the guy. Removed it.