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The first boss is hard to heal through. Your first mistake is probably pugging Lost Island (find a guild and run with your guild, especially guild healers).

You need to be staying out of the circles yourself. Make use of all your cooldowns (get an absorb adrenal and medpac too, I use a Rakata). I personally like to use one cooldown after another on that boss as soon as they are available because he's so spikey. You also are lightly geared so Lost Island is going to be a challenge where you seem to be right now. You're un-Augmented and in mostly Columi, which makes it pretty hard. My shadow is in BH/Rakata and he still hits like a truck and the FP. You probably need some more heavily geared people to come with you to help carry you through this boss a little bit.

For the droid, if you die within seconds of the droid starting up Incinerate got off. I can't really imagine any other reason. He doesnt do that much damage at first that you can't deal with otherwise, whether you had heals on you or not.

Just get your gear up, get augments in, and do gear checks before each run. And run with a guild.
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