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O hello,

I started tanking in this game 5 days ago when I hit 50 and I do not know what the crap I'm doing wrong. Here's the story. I play @ Harbinger.

To start out I'll mention my gear:
- Custom headitem with Columi mods and Shield augment (for the rest no augments yet, haven't really brought myself to grinding dailies but I will! I promise D: )
- Rakata chestpiece (which I ironically got from Lost Island)
- Columi hands, legs, feet, offhand, earpiece, belt, bracer.
- Rakata relic w. shield absorbtion and rating
- War Hero relic w/ shield rating
- Rakata & Black Hole implants
- Tier 1 Tank lightsaber (Last Bastion), because I missed out on the columi weap every time >_>

I go by the standard priority list of abilities: FB (to debuff) > TK (3x HS) > ST > Project > DS > SS. Talent tree is 31 in Kinetic and 10 in Balance.
I always keep Shield Ward up. Because you know, has to be.


I queue up for Lost Island. Great I join a pug. We head up to the first boss. And mind you, this happens to me every time.... I die on the first boss DOUBLE U TEE EFF MATE.

The boss hits me for 6,7k. I assume this is normal. When I'm at 50/60% HP I pop up deflection, and since the boss doesn't have force/tech powers I assume Resilience is not really useful. However, like any other defensive ability the timer runs out. So I pop out my relic as fast as I can. After this I end up dying.

Questions incoming:
- Is it me or does the healer suck?
I've told the healers (because I ran it multiple times) to focus healing on me, and I presumed they did. I mean, if the DPS need healing on that boss they must be colorblind or something, anyone should be able to spot those yellow marks on dee floor.

Note that I'm not sure what the healers were doing all the time and yes I should be more aware of this. I don't know if the past healers were dps-ing too, I've had idiots like that before.

- Or is the dps too low to finish this low HP boss off?
I mean 113/130 or whatever kilo HP that guy has should be easy to burn down.

I can take on every other boss past that one without dying fast. Only on one occassion I died within seconds on the droid and the healer blamed me for it (I had buffs and Kinetic Ward up). And yes I interrupted his incinerate.


So, any ideas? Thanks for reading this wall of text lol.