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02.03.2013 , 04:29 PM | #5
Looking at your suggestions I've come to the conclusion that your damage buffs are much better than you cast time reductions. Coming from a Lighting Build, cast times are long but not an issue. Polarity Shift, 4 Item PVE set bonus, and alacrity combined makes even a Force Lightning cast (2.7 seconds without any procs) into an average of 1.4 seconds. When the stars align and I have all of my procs up, its a 1 second cast time. Your proposed cast times would be insane for a Lightning spec and powerful for a madness or hybrid.

I don't object to your proposed damage increases because it would take parsing and proper rotations to test it fully. I am personally fine without a "free cast" type of ability like rapid shots since we have Affliction. It is much better for multi-target fights and with our excellent resource management I see little reason to include one. A free cast akin to rapid shots is only used in other dps rotations to conserve their resources, not increase dps. We are fine without it.