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Reckoner has been a part of our PvP community for some time now, Zake. Maybe you should be a little bit more respectful and less of a troll? After all, wouldn't want this to get out of hand like the last time someone decided to say something a little trolly even though what they were saying was nothing more than the truth...
The difference being, I'm confident in my ability to type / formulate sentences and don't think it's necessary to tolerate someone who executes a poor post and then blames others. You as a guardian didn't have any particular room to judge Arash on ability nor did he even post that silly lowbie screenshot on his own. But, I doubt you'll even be able to understand that as you've demonstrated numerous times your complete inability to listen to others.

I'm not sure why I'm supposed to pretend that this post of Reckoner's is perfectly reasonable. He made a post that was poorly written, and made an obvious blunder when it comes to the PVP community... Excluding people in a tournament. He then proceeded to get mad at the most active people in the PVP community - the people who would have joined the tournament. Perhaps if he had wanted it to be more successful he should have put a smigdeon more of effort into it. I also think it's fair to say this entire behavior towards this hasn't been particularly respectful.
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