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I'm sure you know how to find their main stat in your codex.

Gearing nadia in my hand me downs she topped out at about 25% crit, because companions lack stat boosts from tech tree bonuses, they have a different set of DR curves, or both. (same gear provided me with almost 30% crit)

Companions also lack any of the bonuses to tech or force attacks that players enjoy from their tech tree.

The tank companions have a lower defense stats for the same reasons. But the shield/absorb stats appear to work almost exactly like they do for a player. So the tank companion ends up with a lower defense rating but normal shield/absorb with a particular set of gear.

For that reason I switched to gearing my dps & healing companions with power/alacrity, and my tank companions with extra defense. I feel it made a noticeable difference in their performance.

HK may be a whole different story ~ because of it's bonus damage attacks on procs and the killing move. It's a completely different AI than the other 2 dps companion types, with two viable main stats. It's possible that it works entirely different than the other companions.
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