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Hello BW CS,

I am posting this issue to this forum because my in-game ticket was closed without response.

I will try to be as thorough as I can

I am living under the condition known as the Ability Cap. Due to the known issue, I can't learn new pet/mount abilities. Now it seems that not only can I not learn some new abilities, but when I do learn new abilities, the ability cap retroactively removes old abilities.

It all started with ticket 7745921. I learned I had hit the ability cap when I was unable to learn a new pet. I ticket the issue to have the spent pet refunded to me, since I didn't end up learning the pet ability. The issue was resolved adequately, and I was granted my pet back. Later on though, while combing my legacy abilities, I noticed my Rank 3 Field Repair Droid ability was gone, even though I had had it unlocked since Patch 1.2/1.3.

I had assumed that the ticket resolution had somehow effected my legacy abilities. I submitted ticket 7830958 (back to the Item/Loot queue, since they had handled the initial ticket), requesting that my Field Repair Droid Rank 3 be added back to my Legacy Ability list. This was on 1/17/2013. In the days waiting for a ticket response, I noticed other odd behavior.

The next day my Priority Transport - Black Hole ability was also gone. I updated the ticket to notify CS, and requested THIS ability also be restored. Then I had a revelation. Over the span of two days when my Repair Droid and BH Transport abilities disappeared, I had also unlocked two more companions in my legacy. I thought this was too coincidental to be unrelated. At this time I decided to sit tight, NOT unlock any new legacy abilities, and wait for a ticket response.

On 1/26/13 my ticket 7830958 was closed, without resolution or any type of response. Additionally, the entire text of the ticket has been deleted, so I couldn't even refer to what I had originally written.

Today, I decided to try to test my theory about retroactive ability removal due to the ability cap. I unlocked my last three legacy companions, and immediately lost three more legacy abilities on the character above the ability cap (Slopster on P0T5). Priority Transport - Capital World, Priority Transport - Flagship Vessel, and Priority Transport - Outlaw's Den.

So as of this second, I am missing the following from my ability window on Slopster (although the abilities all clearly show that I've unlocked them in my legacy window):
Priority Transport - Black Hole
Priority Transport - Capital World
Priority Transport - Flagship Vessel
Priority Transport - Outlaw's Den
Field Repair Droid (Rank 3)

I have had all these abilities since they could be obtained, so they are major influences on how I play the game.

I understand that this is a known issue, and that it's clearly very complicated. I simply want a direct response about if these abilities can be refunded to me by CS, or if I will need to get my mind right about living without these abilities until they can be fixed by patch.

This was the only time since first day of pre-launch that I was unable to have my issue resolved via the ticket system (which I normally find excellent), which is why I am posting it here.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!

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