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Hi, relatively new to this server but thought I'd chime in.

I play Mk'dermott and Makkant impside and the difference between 50 and sub 50 pvp is like night and day to me. I can and have gone 8 losses in a row at 50 pvp, usually when running into guilds like ASB, DOA, and a combination of Dingfu, Feken, and whoever the smashknight is that runs with them.

I'm fully willing to accept that I'm probably just a terribad that doesn't know how to push his buttons on an engi sniper at all, so thats usually how I chalk it up. But these are the problems I see regularly in impside pvp.

1. Complete lack of communication. People die silently at nodes on defense, stealthers run off solo and try to sneak cap other nodes then either fail, die and ragequit leaving us a man down until the new guy can get his bearings, or succeed, but because there was no indication that they had intended to cap that node in the first place, they get swarmed by the people who were called in by the defenders and die, losing the node before any defenders can respond to its capture.

2. Leaving not enough or the wrong classes to defend nodes. Stealthers, tanks, and bounty hunter/troopers please. You want people who can survive a 2 on one stealther attack if you're planning on leaving only 1 person to defend. If I had 5 credits for every time my sniper has been left solo guarding a node only to have two well geared shadows/sins/dps scoundrels open up on him and splatter him within the span of 2-3 globals i'd have a command throne. Then I get treated to a tirade about calling incs sooner, usually followed by a ragequit. ((P.S. If anyone has advice on how I can call incs and simultaneously survive long enough for help to arrive while 2 geared stealthers are wailing away on me I'd greatly appreciate it, getting knocked face down and having things inserted painfully into mah butt is getting old.))

3. I feel like Pubside either has more dedicated healers floating around to fall into pugs or just more healers in general. I chalk that up to stereotypes and this being a rp server. Jedi healer...good stereotype. Sith sorcerer? why aren't you shooting lightning? Scoundrel? That's han solo! Operative? Wouldn't you rather be a leet sniper? Commandos get the biggest and most impressive weapons in the game, mercs use two puny pistols. Either way I run into a LOT of pug warzones with no healer, or nothing but a solitary bubblestun sorc, while trying to stop the commando, find the scoundrel to mark him and hope my team will focus on marked targets, and bust through a jedi's bubble to put pressure on him.

As far as sub 50 pvp is concerned? Gear still matters, I gear my lowbies well, and they do well, when my gear is 5-10 levels out of date, it's like fighting the opponent with nerf weapons and I'm as sturdy as a tissue paper. People can call gearing their lowbies out well twinking but that's all you're really doing at 50 pvp anyway so why not make the effort to get good gear on them if you're going to be doing much pvp at those levels?
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