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When it comes to considering builds, take into account a number of factors when deciding a talent's value (in this case tanking):

1. Will this talent increase my mitigation/survivability?
2. Will this talent allow me to hold a single target aggro better? (flashpoint + operation bosses)
3. Will this help me hold multiple targets / trash packs better?
4. Will this talent increase the damage of my *key* attacks? (eg. stockstrike, ion pulse..)
5. Is this talent designed for a PvP environment? (e.g Neural overload 2 second slow)

I suppose making builds isn't difficult once you know what you're aiming for. For example, 'Charge!' provides 50% movement speed increase for 4 seconds after using Storm; yet if you read Storm's tooltip, it already immobilises the target for 3 seconds so what is the actual value of Charge? Not much really.
How is this?
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