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I think its really only Robocop that does our trash talking.

I'm content to heal my team to the best of my ability each warzone and hit objectives when possible. Me and Hedgeknight roll out together most days and no one ever complains at us, usually because our side wins.
Add Salky to the list and that is pretty much who I respect from OCP. You 3 might be the A-Team of OCP.

What I said before, to be fair to OCP, was a unique experience when OCP called out my guild. Having said that, it still just shows how little respect there is to fellow players and/or lack of leadership in the guild.

I do not know what is happening in the Pre-50s bracket, as I rarely play in that bracket ever since I hit 50 around a week of SWTOR's release, and when I do I have not experienced the allegations or recalling an OCP in the WZ on my team.

The first part of my post was sour due to the experience of that exchange, but the rest you should have taken as criticism in perhaps shaping the guild for the better. But, if you confirm that the Guild Leader is the one responsible for the fall and infamous reputation, maybe you 3 should consider yourselves.

I dunno, like I said, you 3 I respect for you are great players. I just consider it a shame you can count the great players from a guild with 1 hand and you still have fingers left.
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