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'SWTOR companions will have same-sex romance options... eventually', Brianna Royce, Editor-in-Chief for, 2011-09-13
In a statement on the forums, SWTOR Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid posted the following:

Due to the design constraints of a fully voiced MMO of this scale and size, many choices had to be made as to the launch and post-launch feature set. Same gender romances with companion characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic will be a post-launch feature.
'Old Republic devs to segregate same gender relationships to one gay planet', GlobalPost, 2013-01-15
“I realize that we promised [same-gender relationships] to you guys and that many of you believed that this would be with a companion character. Unfortunately, this will take a lot more work than we realized at the time and it (like some other pieces of content we talked about earlier in the year) has been delayed as we focused on the changes required to take the game Free-to-Play,”

wrote executive producer Jeff Hickman in a post to a developers' blog.
I am happy with "Soon™" as long as it's within the next year or so...

Yeah, sure we "believed", you make it sound like we are the ones at fault for trusting you. :/
That's also an out and out lie, we were promised it would be worked on post game launch in 2011, so the changes to make it Free to Play by definition aren't what delayed it, it's "everything/ANYTHING else up to and including cartel market ugly weasel pets". :/ Marketingspeak I know, but come on, we aren't idiots. :/
( why are there no actual cute pets either, I know kittens exist in star wars because I checked... I want a kitten that sits on my shoulder and goes "mew" when you click on it, awwh. )

The issue is that most of us will have completed the game storyline (well those of us who haven't already even!) by then so the whole thing misses a lot of context/point... I'm not sure how they can do it effectively for people who are 50 later, maybe some kind of code that allows you to reset ALL your companion conversations ever and replay them from the start in one go could be pretty cool.

Tell me Kaliyo is /meant/ to be straight, /realllllllly/...
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... I'm still annoyed that they did similar to Jack in Mass Effect 2, if there had been any "SGR" post-FoxNews, I think she rightfully was bi realllllly...
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