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In the context it is presented in the game, I actually like the fact that the Republic wins right now. In the entire pre-game lore, the republic was mainly loosing. They did win some victories, but they were always combined with great sacrifice, did mainly slow down the Empires advances and ended in the sacking of Coruscant.

Now, in the game, when the war starts again, the Empire is in the offensive again (because they started the war again, of course.) So the Empire invades the second most Important Republic world (Corellia) and the second most important Jedi world (Ilum). The Republic succeeds and takes these planets back.

Now, finally, we get the chance to see a republic counter offensive. Yes, I agree that there should be a major imperial victory. But please let it happen on an imperial planet the republic invades. (I suggest Ziost*.)

*I would like 3 planets in Chapter 4, with Ziost as the final one. There the Empire lures the republic into a trap and manages to destroy almost the complete invasion force, which significantly weakens the Republic.
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