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02.03.2013 , 11:00 AM | #27
I think imp fustration of losing wz's for 5 straight hours may be a key to trash talking. Imps don't get along is the problem like luniara said, lets just get along. It seems like, no one is interested in coordinating, planning, or listening as far as I've seen in wzs at least most of the time. I know they are pug teams but they gotta be able to coordinate, plan and listen, I've seen pub pugs coordinate, plan, and listen. If we all get along, coordinate, plan, and listen then imps might actually hit the line of competition. I'm not saying that coordination, planning and listening will win every game, but it will at least be very close in every game.

********** Coordinate, plan, listen, and get along. mkay? kthxbai.