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This is a pretty much a bragging thread. If you want to complain how hard the heroic space missions are, do it elsewhere.

What's the lowest grade equipment you've completed any of the heroic space missions with? I'll start:

Mission: Hypori Escort
Armor: grade 2
Shield: grade 6
Shield regen: grade 2
Beam charger: grade 4
Beam generator: grade 6
Missile magazine: grade 6
Power conversion: basic
Proton torpedoes: installed
EMP generator: none
Electronic warfare: none

The proton torpedoes were not needed in this mission. I'm also not certain if I needed all of the missiles in the grade 6 magazine or if a lower grade would have been sufficient. I was left with 37 HP at the end of the mission, though I could have been more careful at some spots.

Apologies for no video, but I don't have capture software and no place to put it in.