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Only if you're blatant, I wouldn't even say my dark side Jedi is sith, merely a dark jedi. it also really depends on what part of the story line you set the roleplay in, if the treaty is still enforce, then a diplomatic figures from the Empire assisted by guards would be fine.

The problem I see with current rp is there's no protagonist and antagonist, it's all "good" people conversing among themselves, so while the idea of the "enemy" being around is a bit peculiar I think it's necessary for a good to and fro type of rp.
True. I see this to. I think there's multiple reasons for it myself. First, TOR just isn't RP friendly. Second, I think it's the natural evolution of MMO RP. The idea of a protagonist and antagonist is great, but only works with people who know each other well, because in my experience, no matter how many people try and claim otherwise, they don't like to lose.

Pen and Paper RPing gives people numbers to look at, compare, and dice to roll to go "Okay. This is the chance you will get hit. This is how much damage you will take if you get hit."

MMOs it's up to the players themselves to decide and more and more outside of social style RPing, I just see complaints of "blah blah blah godmoding" And trying to settle it with PvP, level, gear, gets called out as not being RP.

I like the idea. But then you asked a question. In my experience with MMO RPing, doing this sort of RP tends to have people go "gaaaah...them again." outside of staying with a group of individuals or keeping it an NPC for your guild.

But I'm sure others have had better experiences.